This American Muslim

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

This American Muslim: Our Voices, Our Stories. We all have them. Now, more than ever, is the time to be heard. 

This American Muslim leverages the media and the arts to establish platforms that empower American Muslims to share our stories and voices.  We welcome art and writing submissions, created exclusively by American Muslims to be featured in a traveling art exhibition and a published book.  

Submit digital images.  No originals.  We will cover costs for the printing, framing, exhibition and distribution of the selected photos and 2D art (digital art, paintings, drawings, etc) as part of the “This American Muslim” traveling collection in public galleries across the country.   

Selected writings will be published into an anthology.  We welcome fiction, non-fiction, poetry and other creative forms of writing.

The sole criteria is that works are created by self identifying American Muslims

The theme is intentionally broad so that selected works may collectively present the diversity of the American Muslim voice, community and experience.  Submissions may capture the daily nuances—the mundane and the extraordinary—of everyday life, the intersection of identity, Islamophobia or current affairs, or any other themes related to Islam and/or one's identity or experience as an American Muslim.   

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This American Muslim